Optima Suite Components

The Optima suite streamlines and simplifies the advertising layouts by automatically building the edition once the first booking has been stored.

Booking Service - Delivers the Ad to the Layout

Booking Service is a single point of integration where bookings from any booking system are received, validated and correctly routed into the Optima system.

AutoLayout - Places the Ad on the Page

AutoLayout is an automated rules based service that manages publication layouts. AutoLayout performs its magic against a specific edition whenever new or updated bookings are delivered via the Booking Service, paginating the ads into the layout using its advanced rules engine. AutoLayout will check periodically for any bookings or alterations within all forward editions for all publications.

QuickLayout - Fine tunes the Edition

QuickLayout is a desktop application that is used to fine tune the layouts of each edition. The layout templates for the Optima Suite are also managed within QuickLayout, and can be configured by the users to ensure that the maximum benefits provided by the Optima Suite are achieved.

Optima Viewer - Single edition detail for the whole enterprise

Optima Viewer is a web application used by the whole enterprise to view all the general information pertaining to one edition of one publication. Detailed information regarding ads, pages, sections colour impositions, revenue and notes can all be found in Optima Viewer.

Cross Edition Viewer - Inventory Management in one easy & live view

Cross Edition Viewer is a web application that allows users to view multiple pages from multiple editions across all future publications. Information displayed in Cross Edition Viewer provides an overview of the position placement of advertisements, or any remaining available space, in one easy view. This is the inventory management tool you've been looking for!

Support Applications

There are a number of additional tools provided to assist the advertising workflow, and to manage the edition life cycle.

Slot Manager

Premium & Preferred position management - no more spreadsheets!

Edition Manager

Create editions manually or apply layout template changes to all future layouts.

Section Routing

Quickly intercept and override the route of ad between the booking system and the layout, without having to rebook the ad! Moving pages between a pre-print and the main book has never been easier.

Closed Edition Monitor

Automatically return the "Page achieved" position of each ad back to the booking system, and provide all booking data to other reporting repositories once an edition has been published.

Site Health

Automated diagnostics for early detection of problems or clashes within all current and future layouts.

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