Hi there, welcome to Advanced Publishing Systems.

We are creators of premium software solutions to the print and digital media industry. Our advertising booking, page planning and production systems have been helping publishers to produce their print and online media for nearly two decades.

APS provide software solutions for your whole business from ad booking, sales prospecting & management, editorial design & layout, production, to accounting & reporting - we have you covered.

Whether you are a large publishing business with hundreds of titles, or a small independent publisher with just one title, we have solutions to suit your needs and budget.

With every feature designed in collaboration with our clients and partners, our systems run the way you expect: reliable, efficient and intuitive to use.

Our Products

We pride ourselves on supplying practical, effective and reliable products designed to meet your business needs. Browse our products below to learn more.

Optima Suite

The Optima Suite provides a fully automated Sales to Layout environment.


QuickLayout is the intelligent page planning and pagination tool.

Synergy Booking System

Synergy Booking System is a user friendly advertising booking system.

QuickJumper & ClassDesign

Display and Classified layout importers for Adobe InDesign.

Our Partners

We are always striving to bring the best products from around the world to our clients. So we've partnered with the best in the business.

Redgum Technologies

Redgum are APS' software development team who also offer custom systems development.

Roxen Editorial Portal

Use a web browser to plan and manage your publications and write and edit your content.

Our Process

From start to finish, we're there with you every step of the way. Our training, engineering and support staff all have decades of experience in implementing publishing systems, managing change in business processes, and will help you achieve the best outcome for your publishing business.







About Us

We provide IT solutions to the publishing sector. Australian owned and operated, we are a globally focused company with over 300 systems in place across the world.

Built for the job

Our continued research and development is as evident on the pre-press floor as it is on the bottom line. We have developed a complete stable of customised tools and components designed with the experience of people who know and understand the business, built upon a robust, flexible and integrated framework.

Replacing a large legacy system is now gradual and controllable, and doesn't hurt the budget, making upgrading a low cost, manageable exercise with minimal disruption.

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Fully integrated or stand alone

Help when you need it

We are dedicated to delivering quality support when you need it, with full training, installation, phone support and autonomous reporting systems in place to support our clients from niche market specialists to the largest daily papers.

We believe our service is second to none, with personal, down to earth support and direct access to technical staff with practical industry experience, fast turnaround and comprehensive SLA's; on time, on budget, every time.

  • Comprehensive training
  • Full 24/7 customer support
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Our clients

We have a broad range of clients from small independent community newspapers, glossy lifestyle fashion magazines through to large metropolitan daily papers.
Here is just a sample of some of our clients who use our software to produce their publications.

Large Daily Metropolitan Newspapers

Some of the biggest names in the industry use our Automated Sales to Layout products to produce their titles.

Country Press

They produce multiple daily & weekly tiles, annuals & much more. We provide them with systems for Display and Classified bookings, Production, Editorial even Subscriptions & Distributions!

Community Newspapers

Small independent publishers, or part of large multi-national corporations, these publishers need systems to keep them ahead of their tight deadlines. We've got the tools for that!


Trade Journals, B2B's, Newszines & Glossies - we're down with them too! Book it, place it, and get it to the press & everything in-between.


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Our Friends

Life is better with friends.
We love their work & are proud members, associate members & supporters of these great industry partners.


Victorian Country Press Association

The industry body for country newspapers in Victoria.


NZ Community Newspaper Association
New Zealand

The industry organisation of community newspapers in NZ.


Country Press South Australia

The industry body for country newspapers in South Australia.


Country Press New South Wales


The industry body for country newspapers in New South Wales.


Queensland Country Press Association


The industry body for country newspapers in Queensland.

Fun Facts

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